Advanced Deductive Logic

University of Utah, Department of Philosophy, Spring 2015

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Course Schedule

We will be following our two main texts closely throughout the term. However, our pace will be determined in part by my evaluations of student progress (through homeworks, class discussions, and such). Thus, the schedule below is subject to change throughout the semester. Make sure you visit this page regularly in order to keep track of the reading and homework assignments. Below, in the right column, I list your assigned reading for the week, then supplementary material, then any homework, review sessions, exams, etc.


Week 1 (Jan 15)

Course Introduction, Symbolic Logic as Explication, Formal Philosophy

Sider, pp. 1-11; Carnap, Logical Foundations of Probability, ch. 1 (on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 1.1-1.3
(All HW for each week is due on Friday -- turn in by 4pm to my mailbox in CTIHB 402F)

Week 2 (Jan 22)

Set Theory

Sider, pp. 12-24; Tennant, ch. 1
Harman, Change in View, chs. 1-2 (on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 1.4-1.5

Week 3 (Jan 29)

Propositional Logic: Grammar and Semantics

Sider, pp. 25-37; Tennant, pp. 37-56
Sider, exs. 2.1-2.2

Week 4 (Feb 5)

Propositional Logic: Proof Theory, Soundness
(Hannah Gysin and Louise Pedersen lead discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 37-55; Tennant, pp. 56-66
Sider, exs. 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.7

Week 5 (Feb 12)

Propositional Logic: Proof Theory, Completeness, Variations on PL
(Heber Soriano Gómez leads discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 56-72; Tennant, pp. 67-82
Sider, exs. 3.1, 3.2, and 3.4

Week 6 (Feb 19)

Deviations from PL: 3-valued Logics (Łukasiewicz and strong Kleene), Priest's Logic of Paradox
(Eleanor Gilmore-Szott leads discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 72-82; Tennant, ch. 3
Haack, ch. 9, sects. 1 and 2; Haack, ch. 11, sects. 1 and 2; Priest, "Logic of Paradox" and "Logic of Paradox Revisited" (all on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 3.5, 3.8, 3.10 (a,c,e), and 3.11

Week 7 (Feb 26)

Deviations from PL: Supervaluations, Intuitionist Logic, Philosophical Applications
(Ryan Nelson leads discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 82-89; Tennant, pp. 95-124
Haack, ch. 9, sect. 4; Haack, ch. 11, sects. 3 and 4; David Lewis, "Logic for Equivocators" (all on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 3.12, 3.13, and 3.14

Week 8 (Mar 5)

Predicate Logic: Grammar, Semantics, and Proof Theory; Exam Review Session

Sider, pp. 90-109
Sider, exs. 4.2 (a,b), 4.3 (a,c,d), 4.4 (a,d), 5.1 (a)

Week 9 (Mar 12)

Exam Week (class meeting will only cover Tennant reading)
(Masayuki Tashiro leads discussion of Tennant, pp. 124-139; John Halleck leads discussion of chs. 5-7)

Tennant, pp. 124-139; SKIM Tennant, chs. 5-7
TAKE-HOME MIDTERM EXAM: Due Friday 3/13 by 4pm to my mailbox in CTIHB 402F

Week 10 (Mar 19) ** NO CLASS **

Spring Break


Week 11 (Mar 26)

The Logic of Belief Revision I
(Branden Fitelson on AGM and Bayesian Updating)

Shear and Fitelson, "Two Approaches to Belief Revision" (on CANVAS); SEP: "Logic of Belief Revision", sect's 1-4 (on CANVAS); Tennant, pp. 253-261
Alchourrón, Gärdenfors, and Makinson, "On the Logic of Theory Change" (on CANVAS)

Week 12 (Apr 2)

Modal Logic: Grammar and Semantics
(Louise Pedersen and Hannah Gysin lead discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 133-158; Tennant, pp. 261-273
Sider, exs. 6.2 (b), 6.3 (b,c,e)

Week 13 (Apr 9)

Modal Logic: Semantics, Proof Theory; The Logic of Belief Revision II
(Kyle Barrett leads discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 158-166; Tennant, ch. 11
SEP: "Logic of Belief Revision", sect's 5-6 (on CANVAS); Tennant, SKIM chs. 9-10
Sider, exs. 6.4, 6.5 (b,d)

Week 14 (Apr 16)

Modal Logic: Proof Theory
(Tony Smith leads discussion of Tennant)

Sider, pp. 166-182; Tennant, ch. 12
Plantinga, "The Ontological Argument" (on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 6.6 (a), 6.7 (a), 6.8 (a), 6.9 (b), 6.10 (b)

Week 15 (Apr 23)

Modal Logic: Philosophical Applications, Deontic Logic, Epistemic Logic, Tense Logic
(Matt Haber on Philosophical Applications of Quantified Modal Logic and Tense Logic)

Sider, ch. 7; Haber, "How to Misidentify a Type Specimen" (on CANVAS); Witteveen, "Naming and Contingency" (on CANVAS)
Haack, ch. 9, sect. 3 (on CANVAS)
Sider, exs. 7.3, 7.4, 7.6

Week 16 (Apr 30)


TAKE-HOME FINAL EXAM: Due Friday 5/1 by 4pm to my mailbox in CTIHB 402F